What is AGAPE?



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What is AGAPE?

AGAPE is a fellowship of pastors and churches who desire to be spiritually nourished, mentored and/or coached by Bishop Charles H. Ellis III who is the Senior Pastor of Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. AGAPE was birthed out of Bishop Ellis’ annual Pastors & Church Leaders Conference which draws thousands of ministry leaders from the US, Canada, Europe, Caribbean & Africa. Many of these leaders have developed a love and respect for Bishop Ellis through his international telecast, “Amazing Grace” which airs daily on The Word Network and other television outlets.

Bishop Ellis currently presides over the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (The world’s oldest Apostolic organization). Yet his conference draws pastors and leaders from various denominations (Apostolic, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.) as well as independent and non-denominational ministries. Therefore, AGAPE is the response to a five year “Macedonian cry” from these and other pastors desiring to have a greater spiritual connection to Bishop Ellis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain membership?

To become a member of AGAPE you must be the senior pastor of a church that is recognized by your local municipality as a church. The church should have members that extend beyond the pastor’s immediate family. The Pastor must complete and submit a ministerial profile along with the church’s mission statement.

Is AGAPE accommodating to both male and female ministries?

Membership in AGAPE is open to men and women who are Pastors. AGAPE will not participate in any discriminatory practices against any race, ethnicity or denominational background. AGAPE is not a denomination and therefore desires to complement and enhance a ministry’s goals and objectives.

What if I belong to another organization?

AGAPE is a fellowship and has no authority to exercise any ecclesiastical, governmental or administrative control over its member ministries. ALL churches and ministries remain autonomous and all obligations to your denomination and/or organization take precedence over AGAPE. However, AGAPE will provide to its members Godly counsel and/or oversight upon their request.

What are my requirements?

AGAPE requires an annual membership fee of $200. In addition, AGAPE also solicits monthly support (to be determined by the Member) to fund Projects/Outreaches of the Fellowship and to cover administrative expenses.